It wasn't me!

Yesterday my husband took me shopping and bought me new golf clubs. We headed to the driving range and miracles!, the new clubs worked! I could hit the ball so much better that it actually went up in the air and double the distance of anything I had ever hit before. Obviously, it wasn't me before, it was the clubs! So, now I have a greater incentive to head to the golf course, to prove to myself that I can break 90 on 9 holes! I'm going to try to hit the course twice this week before we go to Myrtle Beach. Stay tuned!


Time to reflect

Today is Father's Day.

My dad has been gone now for 2½ years and I still miss him. I try to keep myself busy and spend time with my Mom but there is still that void. When I think about him, my eyes still tear up and I realize how really fortunate I was to have such a great man as my father. He wasn't someone who the world knew, but those that did were really lucky. If you were his friend or a member of his family, you were blessed. He showed me what a good man was, so that when I met my husband, I spotted one right off and made sure that I "caught him".

It's funny how it takes the loss of someone you love to realize how blessed you are by their being in your life. So, my friends, hug those in your life that are still with you, hold them close, because there will come a day when you won't be able to and you will regret not taking advantage of the opportunity when it had presented itself.

Hope you were all blessed with a great dad too.




I meant to post this earlier.

Being a brave person, last week I signed up to play golf this morning. I still don't do too good, but figured some practice couldn't hurt me. However, when I woke up, the sky was overcast and the WEATHER CHANNEL forecast rain throughout the day. So I called to check and see if we were still playing, REPRIEVE! The other ladies that had signed up had cancelled and I just went along with the crowd. Well, maybe next week or even this weekend.


Another Day with Mom

I spent the day with Mom.
She was very happy with what she accomplished this morning -- we went to KMart and she was able to find several pair of shorts, capris, and casual shirts (all 100% cotton) and came away spending less money than she expected.
Next stop, the grocery store. We went to the Giant that was having a grand opening and I showed her how to use the new gadget that let's her check her purchases as she goes. When we got to check out (we were in the express lane because we had already recorded all her purchases) she won a gift basket with all kinds of goodies. She was very pleased.
We headed home to work on her FIOS adjustments, but that's another story.


Settling in

It's been a little bit more than a week since I returned to my retirement and I have read 6 books, visited with Mom once (I'm going again tomorrow), had lunch with the ladies golfers, played bridge twice, and visited the library 4 times. I have been very busy with my books so I decided that my book blog was just not correctly named so I changed it. The book blog is now called CHELI CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT BOOKS! and you can reach it at http://chelicantlivewithoutbooks.blogspot.com/


Back to retirement

I'm officially released from the workforce, so I'm starting my celebration today by reading for 12 straight hours. It's a mystery-thon that you can see on my reading blog.

I've sent Tim to the golf course with instructions to have a good time and leave me alone! It's such a hardship for him to have to spend the day playing goof in the sunshine but I know that the girls in the grill at the Country Club and his lady golfer friends will watch out for him.