Sandy's coming

Weather forecasters say that we are in the strike zone for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy.  So all that has been on the news is telling people to get prepared for possible power outages.

Well, Tim and I hit the grocery store on Monday and really stocked up since we figured we’d be too busy with other things before Thanksgiving, so the freezers full, including a few extra baggies of ice, the Fridge is stocked, we have two cases of water, two cases of soda, two huge packages of TT, bread, PB, Tuna, as well as a full tank of gas for the grill, and batteries and candles coming out our whazoo. And of course, there’s always the bar and wine cellar if we need something to drink.   I’ve charged both Nooks, my MP3,cellphone, and my laptop. I’ve even located the portable TV that I gave Tim for Tailgates. Flashlights check, blankets check.
We had already stored outdoor furniture and the trees were trimmed a few months ago.  (our power lines are underground so we rarely lose power (knock on wood)) but we do have several friends and family who lose power at the whiff of a storm (including Tim’s sister, Mary-ellen) so reservations have been coming in for those who most likely will lose their power.  If they do the Fridge and freezer will get more items and luckily, gas cook top will still work or we can use the tailgate grill.

So I think we’ll be fine, if anyone needs a port in storm, rooms are filling up fast, but we have plenty of sofas, recliners, and floor space.  All are welcome.

Stay safe all and just enjoy the thrill of life!


Fall/injury update

I went to see my regular doctor today on the instructions from the ER. He was very emphatic about how lucky I was with the few injuries that I came away with and that they were more serious.  (I am now sporting a black eye.) Evidently my Mom was right all these years, I do have a hard head.  But Doc said that I could have easily fractured my skull, shoulder, hip or leg as well as an arm, wrist or hand trying to break my fall. He also  said that the muscle pull could take months to heal - GREAT! - but at least my back didn't get any worse, no better either, however the bush did a number on my back with scrapes and lacerations.

All in all I thank the good Lord for a very talented Guardian angel.  She/he do a great job keeping me safe.  Now if they could just make all the aches and pains go away, I'd give them an A+!


Never be without a book

Well, many months ago, I swore to myself that I would never go out anywhere without having a book with me.  Even if I didn't think I'd have time to read, it would be better to have the book and not have time, than have time and not have a book.

Today I'm really glad I stuck to my vow.  While at a friend's house, I went out to my car to get something and when returning, I tripped on the steps and fell, hitting my head against the brick wall, my knee against the concrete  step and fell into a deep flowerbed on the side cleverly trapping myself in a position where I couldn't get up.  Fortunately, my friends heard me call for help, and stayed with me while we waited for the Emergency squad to come and extricate me from my predicament.  The EMTs  and my hubbie (by phone) thought I should go get checked out at the hospital (head injuries are nothing to play around with). So off I went in the ambulance.  Once I got there and was registered, I was left waiting for service - Thank God I had my MP3 with the audiobook I was reading ([Destiny of the Republic]) - I had just downloaded it this morning.  Well, 4 hours later, after being shot (tetanus), x-rayed (knee), and scanned (head), I was released with an ice bag and instructions to see my doctor and  4 chapters read.  No concussion, no internal bleeding, only a few bruises, a big bump, a headache and a severe feeling of being really stupid.  I do think this has screwed up my back again big time.

Then I got home and the answering machine was blinking away. Believe it or not, somehow my Mom knew something was wrong – she left 3 messages on my
answering machine worried that something was not right  – can you believe that?
I assured her that I was sore but would be fine.  I hope I  didn't lie to her.

So, my reading friends, learn a lesson from me - NEVER go anywhere without a book, you never know when you will be sitting in the emergency room with time to read on your hands.  As I say,  it's better to have a book and not have time to read it, than to have time on your hands and not have a book to read.