Irony - grab bar too late!

My terrific day after my birthday, started with a slip in the bathroom on a wet floor. I fell on both my knees which were already in bad shape (I had just had a cortisone shot in one on Tuesday) and slammed my shoulder into the wall. Luckily, I didn't hit my head. My shoulder is turning a pretty shade of purple but I don't think I did any real damage other than severely straining it. I can lift my arm all the way up and reach out though it is painful. I'm icing it down, but do you realize how much you use your shoulder when you are reading a book? I sure didn't. Guess it's a good thing I'm going audio for June.

Anyway, I had to call Tim on the golf course to come home to take care of me because I couldn't get the ice out of the ice maker. It's in the upper part of the freezer section and I couldn't get my arm up there without almost passing out.

Irony - yesterday we bought a grab bar to put up in the bathroom so I wouldn't slip. It was completed a day too late.

Memorial Day Observance

This is Memorial Day Weekend and everyone is planning trips to the pool and barbecues on the patio but are we forgetting the reason for this holiday? It's not just to officially acknowledge that Summer is upon us, but to acknowledge that there are brave and generous men and women who dedicate their lives literally to protecting us and our loved ones.

So next time you see someone in uniform, thank them for their service. They may not have made the decisions that lead to fighting a war, but they are the ones that fight it and we should show our gratitude for their service. I, for one, wonder where we would be without them and hope that we never have to find out.


Many happy returns!

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I don't know what that means....year after year I've heard the saying "MANY HAPPY RETURNS" said to people having a birthday and I don't know what it means or refers to. Anybody know?

Anyway, today is my birthday but I have to share it with other people at LibraryThing and my husband's golf buddy, I don't get to have it all to myself (It's okay, I really don't mind, at least that way I know someone will remember to wish me a Happy Birthday.)

So what am I doing to celebrate? Well, I didn't sleep in - in fact I got up earlier than usual so that I could go have breakfast with my husband, Tim, before he started his round of golf. Then I came home, alone and read most of the morning (I played a few games in peace and quiet).

Then Tim returned and took me out - where you say?

to get new numbers for the mailbox, a grab bar for the bathroom (I can't remember how many times I've nearly slipped getting out of the bathtub), and some new shelves for my study. Now I have been listening to the pounding for the last several hours as he puts the shelves together. His time is running out because we are headed to Mom's to pick her up and take her out to dinner to celebrate. (She was there 56 years ago and we felt maybe she'd like to join us.) We're going to her favorite restaurant which is just down the street and makes the best crab cakes, YUM, YUM! Tonight I may splurge and get dessert too! So sometime tonight, I hope that Tim remembers to wish me a Happy birthday or Many Happy Returns (Whatever that means)!


My blog is Carbon Neutral

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am not an outdoor person. Mosquitoes seem to know as soon as I step outside my door and I am swarmed upon and am bitten to death in less than 5 minutes. That said, that doesn't mean that I don't think that our environment can't or shouldn't be watched over so if I can do something as simple as ask for a tree to be planted in my blogs name to reduce carbon emissions, I'll do it.

“My blog is carbon neutral” was started in Germany by the “Make it Green” programme, and their goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They will plant a tree for any blog and the tree will help neutralise carbon footprint generated by your blog over the next 50 years! Help the environment in a small way and make a big difference. Every tree counts!

So if you are reading this - Go green on your blog too!

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36 years of Wedded Bliss

Our anniversary is almost over and looking back at the entire day, it wasn't exactly what I would have wanted but at least we were together, and that's what's important.

I started the day out visiting the Orthopedic doctor because both of my knees have been a major PAIN! since I started PT for my back. So when the Physical Therapist kicked me out because I couldn't do some of the work because of my knees, I headed back to the Ortho. So at 9:30AM this morning I was having pictures taken, not for my anniversary, but of my knees - XRAYS - which showed thankfully, no issues. So as a gift - what did I get? - a cortisone shot! OUCH!!
Heading home, I remembered getting Cortisone in my shoulder and how I was miserable for two days afterward and hoped that it wasn't going to be the same for my knee. (I only had one knee done to see if it would work.)

I picked up Tim and we headed to the Country Club. Tim had been scheduled to play in a Senior Men's tournament last Tuesday but it was rained out and rescheduled today. So I got to be the official Scorekeeper for Tim and his teammate. We finished around 4:30PM and since my knee was killing me, we headed home. Rather than going out to dinner like we had planned, Tim got takeout (Popeye's) and I sat with my leg up, ice bag on and watched Dancing with the Stars while Tim napped.

Not the most memorable anniversary, but like I said, at least we're together.


What else do I do?

I had a friend come back into my life after she had been out of the country for several years. We were trying to catch up on what we had been doing, and she asked me what else I had been doing other than reading (most of my blogging activity takes place on my book blog Chèli's Shelves.) I had to think for a minute but then started the whole list of activities.

1) I have 3 different groups of ladies that I play MahJongg with - the Tuesday night group plays twice a month, the Wednesday night group plays once a month and a Monday afternoon group plays twice a month.

2)I have three different groups that I play bridge with - Friday night group plays twice a month, Wednesday night group I sub in, and the Sunday afternoon group (I am the coordinator) plays twice a month at the Country Club. If the club is busy on the days we are to play, then Tim and I host at our house. We've been trying to grow this group so we've actually been teaching bridge and I have been developing little training manuals for the beginners.

3) I am also a member of the Ladies 9 Holers at Montgomery CC. Tim signed me up 2 years ago, and though I don't play well or often, I really enjoy the ladies there. I was elected Secretary of the group last year and also serve as the Invitational Chairman. We are holding an invitational in July so I am busy with Budgets and menu planning and door prizes and sponsorships. It's nice to know that I can still organize events.

4) Tim and I belong to the Montgomery CC Wine Club where we get together once a month and have an event - dinner or wine tastings - and I have been working with the event coordinator to come up with new ideas for our events.

Those are my outside activities - (and Tim was worried that when I retired I wouldn't get out of the house!).

All these activities leave me little time to concentrate on my village and my needlework when I add in my reading. But I'm a happy little housewife/homemaker/retiree and that's all that counts!


What would I be?

I borrowed this meme from Helen at HelensBookBlog and thought it looked liike fun. Some were easier than others.

If I was...

a month, I'd be March
a day of the week, I'd be Friday
a time of the day, I'd be Midnight
a sea animal, I'd be a dolphin
a direction, I'd be North
a piece of furniture, I'd be a recliner
a liquid, I'd be wine
a gemstone, I'd be diamond
a tree, I'd be a magnolia
a tool, I'd be a q-tip
a kind of weather, I'd be a snowy afternoon
a musical instrument, I'd be a harp
a color, I'd be forest green
an emotion, I'd be peaceful
a fruit, I'd be an asian pear
a food, I'd be gnocchis
a material, I'd be velvet
a scent, I'd be sandalwood
a flavor, I'd be butterscotch
a sound, I'd be singing
an element, I'd be air/wind
a mammal (other than human), I'd be a Newfoundland dog
a phase of the moon, I'd be full
a berry I'd be a blueberry
a bird I'd be a eagle
a book I'd be The Flame and the Flower
a place I'd be Napa Valley