Snow in Maryland

Well, our little blizzard for 2009 has finished falling, and we got about 15" in our neighborhood. We spent yesterday watching the falling snow and drinking hot Cocoa before it finally stopped. This morning dawned crisp and clear with bright sunshine for a sparkling winter wonderland.

I guess we will have a white Christmas after all due to all the snow (I doubt it will melt by Friday.)


Rush of Parties

It was quiet at home today. After attending and hosting 3 Christmas parties this weekend, I needed the quiet.

Friday, Tim's office had their annual Christmas party and I had to spend the day at the office typing name tags for the expected guests. Saturday, we woke to snow falling. we got about 4 inches but that didn't stop us from hosting our Bridge group's Christmas dinner/party. If that wasn't enough, Sunday morning (after a very late night) I got up to make a Pumpkin praline cheesecake to take to the Christmas party for my ladies golf group.

I really needed a quiet day.