Maybe my luck is changing.

Yesterday a friend I had lent money to several years ago sent me a check - just out of the blue - I never thought I'd see that money again.

Yesterday, my husband Tim and I went to visit friends in Sheperdstown and while the boys played in a charity golf tournament, the girls went to the baby store where I got the cutest things for all my grandchildren. Then after returning to my friends house, another of our friends arrived with her Daughter-in-law and her new grandson - all of 7 weeks old. When he got fussy I was able to just rock him and sing to him and calm him down. It was a very peaceful time. Wish I could do it for my grandchildren. Then we went to dinner, meeting the boys who won 2nd place in the golf tournament, and I won the 50/50 drawing of $640. I thought the charity should have most of the money so I gave them back $370 and I kept $270.

I can spend it all on books! My Nook is going to get a big chunk of that!


37 years - hard to believe

A beautiful day dawned this morning, reminding me of the type of weather that occurred 37 years ago. A little different though, May 25th 1974 was a tiny bit windier than today. A chance of showers and a small overcast of clouds, but still a beautiful day - mainly because I'm still married to the love of my life, Tim. He may not be everyone's idea of the greatest guy, but to me, there isn't a better guy in the world. He's my knight in shining armor and he treats me like a princess. And everyone knows I love being treated like a princess.

37 of the most wonderful years filled with love and caring -- may God great us at least 38 more!

I want to get to that 75th anniversary!


Wii is down, bummer!

I've kind of gotten use to a little exercise on my Wii so when it blacked out on me Thursday, I was a little bummed. I was right in the middle of a really good step aerobic session and it just blacked out. I think it's a battery thing, but Tim hasn't taken the time to figure that part out. Hopefully, soon.


What do you mean, you're done?

What a great day! Okay, so it's raining again and we are still under a flash flood warning, but today is the day that I started those pain injections.

I worried that Tim wouldn't be home in time (my appointment was for 2:45PM) and I told him the actual time - usually I fudge ½ hour so that when he's late we can still be on time. But he came through for me and we headed off to the Pain Management office. WRONG! The Germantown office where I had originally seen the doctor sent me to the Olney office for the "procedure" so when we arrived (right on time at 2:45pm) we were told we needed to be at the hospital down the street and that the front desk would tell us where to go. So we hop in the car and drive over, Tim drops me at the door and I go up to the desk, and they have no idea where I'm supposed to me.

Luckily, a very pleasant young lady came by from registration (just as Tim came from the parking lot) and got us to the right people so that I could be taken care of. They took me off to "pre-op" where I was asked a bunch of health questions (I guess the 21 page questionnaire from last week wasn't detailed enough), they whisked me into OR3, I crawl/dive onto the table, and before I had a chance to close my eyes, the doctor says, "okay, all done, See you in 2 weeks." What!?!? All done? How can that be? I wasn't on the table for more than 2 minutes. The nurse in OR says, just relax, I can't let you go until I finish the paperwork. So I laid on the table for about 10 more minutes, was wheeled out, got dressed and was home by 3:45PM.

Sure hope the shots work as fast as that doctor!


Has it been that long?

Mama mentioned that I hadn't put anything new on my blog and when I looked, I said, OMG, has it been that long?

So let's catch up....

My three "grandchildren" are healthy and growing quickly - Jackson is now 2, Molly Kathryn is 7 months old and Isabella is 4 months old. There is a new grand-baby in the making - Stella Reese Stoehr is expected September 9th or there abouts. So I have been working away on baby things for all my beautiful grand-babies!

February, first, I got my new car for the next 3 years - Town & Country van with a bunch of bells and whistles (2 DVD players, Bluetooth, Navigation system, etc). Tim and I drove it when we went to Hilton Head to visit with Mother and Tina and Mary-Ruth and Peter were there one day with us also. Tina had brought her Wii so I got to try it out and now I have one of my own which I use at least 3 times a week.

March we flew down to Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Mike 's (Tim's Brother) 60th birthday but the afternoon we arrived, he went into the hospital with a possible heart attack so we had to party without him. Luckily no heart attack, but some blockage so he had to have a stint inserted. Doing fine now.

Kathy (Tim's sister) and her hubbie David came up the end of March for the DC tour at the perfect time for the cherry blossoms. It was great to visit.

The end of March and early April were taken up with activities for the Ladies 9 Holers - I'm now the Treasurer as well as the secretary. I played duplicate bridge 3 times with my friend Rosemary and been playing Mah Jongg just about every week.

May has started out busy as well. I'm on the Social committee at the Country Club - and we are starting a Ladies social group called the LILIES - Ladies Involved with Like Interests, Efforts, and Specialties - I worked really hard for that acronym! So I have been working very hard on getting that started (I was named the Committee chair) - getting a list of topics for the gatherings (I don't want to call them meetings) and then finding speakers or experts to talk about the topics. Our first gathering is June 22nd!

Lastly, on the catchup scene, I went to the doctor about my back again, and I have been sent to the Pain Management specialist. Next week I will be starting some special injections into my back to try to relieve the near constant pain in my back. Keep your fingers crossed for me and a few prayers might help.

Needless to say, I have been reading all along, and currently have read 42 books for 2011. If you are interested in what I read, check out my book blog at Cheli's Shelves.

I'll try to do better from now on keeping up with what's happening.