Snoozing to the TV

Tim's 40" plasma TV went on the blink recently. It had been having a problem with intermittent power outages (he thought was something overheating) but it always seem to come back to him until a few weeks ago it went off and didn't come back. So he called up the repair shop and they came and took it away. While it was on it's hospital leave, Tim and I had to share the new LCD 42" TV that I had gotten for Christmas. (He could have gone upstairs and watched the regular TV but that was only 19" - what a hardship.) Anyway, I don't understand what the todo is because while he was downstairs with me (watching what I wanted) he snoozed away. I had to turned the sound up to cover up his snoring. Yesterday, they brought his TV back -repaired - it needed a new power something or other. So I thought when I went up to check to see my happy little camper he would be beaming away watching the shows that he wanted. Nope... snoozing away.


Ugh! My MP3 as gone down for the count!

I guess I wore it out. My beautiful little MP3 zune that I purchased for my Canal Cruise 4 years ago has finally stopped playing. It wasn't very big (only 1GB) but it fit in my pocket or purse without any problem. I wore out 3 sets of earphones using it.

Now I have to find something to replace it and I'm lost. I want something the same size (approx. 2" x 1" x ¼") and I would like to have something that has a bit more storage but it absolutely has to be able to handle my wma files for the books from the library.

To be continued....


Nonna again!

The past few days I have spent with my niece Molly and her husband Bryan and his parents. They came up from South Carolina to do some sightseeing and family visiting since Molly is pregnant and due in October and probably won't be traveling for a while after that. We had a great time visiting and looking at pictures of the Little Miss in ultrasound. She's just to cute!
And the great news is that I get to play Nonna again! Judy (Bryan's mother) said that she was more than happy to share the new arrival and then she and I proceeded to have a great time at the baby store plotting and planning how we were going to spoil this precious little one.

We have determined that Little Miss enjoyed Nonna's cooking because I made this Butterscotch caramel Pound Cake that even my husband Tim said was really good. And it was so easy. We finished off that cake in two nights!

We're going to go down to SC for a baby shower on Labor Day so I'll have to get to work on my shopping - such a hardship!~