She's been doing what?!?

Okay, it's a little over a month since the rhizotomy and I am feeling tremendously better. Most days I am nearly pain-free (praise the Lord), and it amazes me how good I feel.

But what really startles me is all that I have been able to do so far:
1. First, I picked up Molly, Bryan, and little Molly Kate (almost 2) at the airport and I was able to hold Molly Kate in my arms without pain. I'm glad I could do this because there's another on the way!
2. I can walk the grocery store now instead of riding the motorized cart.
3. The Library is again one of my favorite places to just WALK around and browse.
4. Laundry - I can stand and fold and hang everything on my own with no breaks.
5. I am again enjoying my beautiful kitchen and devising interesting new recipes with which to treat my husband who had been doing alot of the cooking.
6. Ladies Social Golf - I putted on 3 holes.

But the biggie for me this week is ....are you ready for this....

I CLEANED THE OVEN! Granted it is a self-clean device but you do have steps to prepare it for the cycle and then you have to wipe out the residue.
I did it all by myself!

Well, that's all so far, we're keeping our fingers crossed that progress continues and saying prayers that anyone in pain sees relief soon.


medical update

Well, it's been two weeks since my rhizotomy and I actually can see and feel improvement, YEAH!

Today, I really pressed it to see how far I had come and I was able to wander around the library without any discomfort and do some grocery shopping with minimal pain. I think we are on the right track at last!

walking stick

I almost feel like a child that has to find her way back to the right path. At least Tim's there with me.