Cheli becomes water baby!

Well, the time has come for me to admit that I can't handle regular old exercise anymore. My back is degenerating at the pace where walking and biking are too painful, and the spine specialist says that it's time to hit the water. So, I signed up for the arthritic water aerobics (twice a week) at the Olney Swim center.

Yesterday was my first session, and when I got home after a 1¼ hour session at the pool, I was POOPED! I spent more time continually on my feet in that one session than I had in three months (maybe not that long, but close) and I can see where the water is going to be helpful. Many of the exercises in the pool mimic those that the therapist had me doing in PT. The instructor says that she works with rehabbing soldiers and I can see her as a drill sergeant very easily.

So twice a week for the next 13 weeks, Cheli is a water baby on Mondays and Wednesdays. I think I'm the youngest member of the class but I could be wrong. Hopefully, this will get me in better shape for village construction, due to start in a few weeks.


Shower of gifts

Tim and I hit the road yesterday traveling to Spartanburg, SC for the baby shower honoring my newest "grandchild" Molly Kate - who is due on October 30th. We arrived around dinner time and got to spend some family time with the parents-to-be (Molly and Bryan), Tim's sisters (Mary-ellen and Kathy), Molly's brother Bradley and his wife Leslie, and later a few minutes with Niece Theresa, Great-niece Caitlyn and Tim's other sister Sheila.

Today dawned beautiful, the boys headed off to the golf course and the girls, family and friends of Molly, gathered for a great baby shower fully of the cutest items for a little girl you've ever seen.

A great time was had by all and little miss Molly Kate will be beautiful outfitted when she comes into this world in a few weeks.