Round 2 - Mother Nature's displeasure

Well, it's snowing again. Mother Nature apparently is displeased with my area of the nation and is pounding us with an additional "blizzard" just when we thought we were beginning to move again. Hoping it won't be as bad as the first storm, but we shall see.

Here is another photo from Round 1. This is from my sister's yard. Do you think these deer are wondering where to go next? I'm wondering too.


More Snow

I guess I spoke (wrote) too soon last time. This weekend we were hit with 31" of snow. That is no typo - 31" of snow. The boys have managed to shovel down to the street but the plow hasn't come through yet so we are stilled "snowed in".

The back porch still has piles of snow and I doubt we'll get through the screen door to clear it anytime soon.


Snow, snow and more snow!

Usually, in our neck of the woods during the winter months, we get a few dustings of snow (2"-3"). Every once in a while, we'll get a wintry mix (ice and snow). Then maybe a few times we'll get a nice little snow storm (4" - 6") but rarely do we get hit with more than 6". So far this year we've had 5 measurable storms (usually on a weekend) - Dec 20th we got hit with 15" and since we've been hit with 5", 7", 3" , and now it is snowing again - expecting 3-6". Did we do something that Mother Nature thinks we need to snuggle up at home and slow down? I don't mind.