weekly rewind235 
A blog I follow , Escape wth Dollycas into a Good Book, recaps her week including outside activities, so I thought I might give it a try so that you all would know what was going on besides reading.
MONDAY - The Country Club that my husband and belong to is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year and since he's President and I'm head of the Social Committee there are lots of items on our agenda for this.  Monday I spent researching (reading numerous past newsletters) past events in the history of the Club. I still have more to go through.  I sent an e-mail out to the Ladies Social group reminding them about our charity fundraising event later in the week ad tried to nag the media coordinator about sending out the notices for our newest event - Social Golf.  No luck on that.  I also finished listening to the audio version of Night Watch by Linda Fairstein. I really enjoy this series and look forward to the new one due out later this year.
TUESDAY -  I played hookie from responsibilities and went to spend time with my lady friends at the Country Club.  Six of us gathered to play Mah Jongg, eat, and imbibe with a few delicate Mimosas.  Most of the group is just learning (I'm the trainer), so we can't get as many games in as more experienced groups but we have a great time getting together anyway.  After lunch, I came home, grabbed a quick nap, and tried again to read Fountainhead.  A second nap ensued.  For dinner, we headed back to the Country Club for the 60's Rollback prices on drinks and dinner.  One of my favorites (liver and onions) was on the menu, YUM - I know most people don't like it and I don't get it often but at $2.99 it was a steal! The tab was less than $10 without the drinks.  Can't wait to see what 70's rollbacks are!
I'm continuing Time and Chance by Sharon Kay Penman for a group read on LibraryThing.  This one I am greatly enjoying.
WEDNESDAY -  Believe it or not I just read and played games on the internet.
THURSDAY -  I caught up on my book reviews, e-mail, and notices to be posted at the Country Club for events that I am involved in. In the evening, my sister-in-law, Mary-ellen and I went to the club for our monthly ladies charity event and a game of Bunco.  Dinner and a good time.  Back in time to see the end of the ball game and catch up on some threads at LT.
FRIDAY -  First, I kissed my hubby off to his weekend with the boys.  Then I went to get my hair done, stopped at the library to return 3 books, and then stopped at the grocery store to purchase some comfort food to keep me happy while 
SATURDAY -  Easy day, just finishing Fountainhead for Book club, watching a doubleheader for the Orioles vs. Dodgers, and start audio while I play some games.  Mac & cheese for dinner - yum!
SUNDAY -  A quiet day of reading and baseball. My sweetie returned from his boys weekend.


Falling Mondays

Obviously Monday is not my smart day
6 months ago took a fall, on MONDAY. 
This morning another fall - MONDAY. 

This time I was really, really stupid. I drove up to the car wash, told the gentleman what I wanted (there are different options) handed him my credit card, and he said - Fine we'll take it from here. I opened the car door, started to get out and the car started to roll away from me - throwing me onto the concrete - smack onto my good knee. OUCH! I had forgotten to take it out of gear but the man jumped in and put on the brake before it could roll over me! However, I have a really pretty bruise starting to appear!
I think I'll stay in on Monday's from now on.