A day with Sister #2

In my family, we jokingly always go by number, all our names seemed to run together when we were young, so to keep straight with our parents, we were #1, #2, etc I was daughter #4.

Today I spent with sister #2, Mary-Ruth, who is a floral designer for special events. She wanted some feedback on her website so I went up to her house and we chatted about it. Then I helped her with computer things for special scrapbook items for 2 of the Lady Maryland Terrapins. I had a delightful time helping her ( at least I think I helped her) with some organizational aspects of all her family photos.

It was great to realize that sister #4 can help sister #2 and have great time while doing it.


All of you that know me well, know how much I love teddy bears! Well, I just found this blog that is by a lady who is giving away a special bear in honor of her 25th anniversary as a bear artist. Can you believe that - giving away a bear!

I've entered, you can too at her blog Bear Bits.


Jackson 6 month old!

I can't believe that little Jackson is 6 months old already!
He's changing so fast just in the pictures. I know that Mom & Dad are taking good care of him.
Kisses and Hugs from Nonna to Jackson on his ½ Birthday!


Busy weekend!

Tim and I had a very busy weekend.

First on Saturday, we got together at his sister's (Mary-ellen) house for a barbecue/crab feast. All the members of Tim's Maryland Terrapin tailgate group were there to kickoff the new season. We ate and drank and enjoyed each others' tales of their summer and what was in the offing. After the tailgaters left, the Derrys planned for our October trip to Myrtle Beach.

Sunday, I met Mary-ellen, John and Ellen at the Country Club for breakfast. Tim, of course, was playing golf. Later, Tim, Mary-ellen , and I played bridge at the club with 4 other couples. A busy weekend, but great fun!



Every year, about this time, we get together with friends from college and remember the good old days, when were were young. We think about the number of years that we have been married, and what we did when we were in college and what we looked like back then. We think about the people that we haven't seen in years and wonder what they're up to, are they still on this earth. We all realize how fortunate we are to have such good friends and loved ones. Maybe soon we'll all get together and plan a special event. We talk about it each year. Maybe next year we'll do it.


Nothing special

Well, I'm settling back into the normal existence with the regular chores of laundry and grocery shopping and other errands. I won't say that I have housework to do because those of you that know me, know that I don't do housework. Well, I never used to do housework. Nowadays since we are on the austerity program due to the economy and I do not have a cleaning lady anymore, I do have to vacuum and dust on occasion. I don't do bathrooms or scrub floors since I am allergic to the cleaners and Tim and I still have the kitchen in the "I cook you clean" breakdown mode.

But today Tim was holding his annual Bowling league meeting, so I had to get everything ready for it. First, had to go to the store to get all the sodas and dessert. I came back and rather than let the sodas sit in the hot car all day, I dragged them out and put them in the refrigerator to chill. Then I needed to get the chairs setup and bag ice and order the pizza, so that everything would be ready when the people started to come.

So now I can sit back and relax and read while the meeting goes on downstairs.