Those of you who follow my reading blog (Cheli's Shelves) know that I read a number of books each year.  Usually they are for some challenge or other but I've never really defined them outside of the separate challenges.  SO when I made a list, these are the top ten that came out.

My Top Ten 2013 reading goals:

  1. Read 105 books from my shelf  (35 ea audio, e-book, ARD)
  2. Read at least 45,000 pages
  3. Read at least 6 books in 13 categories selected for 2013
  4. Read books to bring at least 10 series up-to-date
  5. Read the first 2 Fire and Ice series books
  6. Read at least 4 CLASSICS
  7. Read a book over 500 pages long
  8. Read the Sharon Kay Penman series (that should take care of #6)
  9. Read my first graphic novel
10. Read at least 5 books borrowed from Tina (I've borrowed them, now I need to read them and get them back to her)

My other big goal for 2013 is to try to reduce the number of new books coming to my possession this year.  In 2012 I acquired over 150 books.
This year I'd like to keep it under 100.

So wish me luck!