The Dryer died...

My dryer has finally given up the ghost and will no longer generate any heat to dry clothes. The washer has been on its last legs for several months, so Tim said now was the time to replace them both.  So I spent the entire day hunting down new ones.   The morning was spent on the Internet, from website to website and then this afternoon I went to a few places looking at different features and costs and delivery times and haul away fees.  I finally managed to find a good deal - a Whirlpool Washer/Dryer set normally $1400 for $1000 and then  got another 10% off with a buyer's card so with taxes and delivery and accessories I got away with $1,040 when it should have been close to $1600.   Pat me on the back, I did a great job!

Now all I have to do is pray that they fit in the laundry room.


Big Event!

I'm really excited because I'm hosting my first giveaway on my book blog.
Check out Cheli's Shelves for your chance to win a new book with over 80 recipes that are included with the story.


Good day, Bad day

I woke up this morning and I felt pretty good. It was the first night on my new pillow and I was surprised at how well I slept. It was planned that I was supposed to go to the Country Club where Tim (after playing golf and showering) and I would meet up with Mary-ellen and Molly (after they dropped Bryan at the airport) and head to the Wine Festival in Virginia. However, things didn't run smoothly.
  1. Tim forgot to get gas in my car after using it for the tailgate on Saturday and I wasn't sure that I had enough to get to the Country Club let alone to Virginia.
  2. When I went to put my seat belt on, the connector that I use on the driver side (because I can't feel the place to clip it) was missing.
  3. After gyrating around to hook my seat belt without the connector, I backed out of the garage, only to see that there are bungee cords and duct tape sitting on my hood.
  4. The bus for the Wine Club to go to the Wine Festival, left at 12PM, we left at 2:30PM.
We finally got to the Wine Festival around 3:15Pm and once we got there, had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect and the some of the wines were good.
I'm not sure whether to count this in the good day or bad day category.


Tell me if I'm wrong...

I am terrified of bugs especially spiders so for me to even be able to talk when I see one is a miracle in itself. Two nights ago, I was sitting at my desk playing Farmtown on Facebook (I admit it) and out of the corner of my eye I see something move. I turn and see this giant spider moving across the chair rail toward me. I jumped up and SCREAMED for Tim and he finally came and killed it. Last night, déjà vu - it happened all over again only this time Tim wasn't home. I disconnected my laptop and gathered it up and marched upstairs and told Tim, when he got home from bowling, that when he could guarantee that he had killed all the giant spiders, I would then go back downstairs. Until then, the family room is mine.

So am I wrong?


Can the terps do better?

Well, tailgate season has officially begun. Tim headed out 2:30PM this afternoon to the first Maryland Terrapin home game of the season and I probably won't see him again until midnight. I just hope that they do better ( a win would be great) then last week.


Terps need better luck

Bear and I were just sitting around not doing much. (Uncle Mike has corrupted him into a beer drinking bear.) I'm reading and he's watching the games on TV.

Bear wasn't happy with the Terps results last night. Said he was going to have to get his football jersey out and put it on to bring them some better luck next week. Tim still won't let him go to the games even with his own MD football jersey. Bear said that it doesn't seem fair, Tim doesn't have a jersey.


Golf balls not flying!

I went to Country club today to hit some balls and have lunch with the ladies.

I didn't do very well. My back's been bothering me a bit and when I started hitting balls, it kept yelling at me to stop. The balls weren't getting into the air either. So I putted a few balls and then went to sit on the patio while I waited for the other ladies. What a gorgeous day to just soak up some sun.