5AM - up and not sleeping, why?

5AM - up and not sleeping, why? not insomnia, I know how that feels, this is pain.

I have tried to find a position where every part of my body is comfortable and I can relax enough to go to sleep. Tonight/this morning this is not happening. I have lived with back pain for most of my life ever since a car accident in 1977, yes no typo 1977. I've been to all types of doctors, physical therapy, drugs, and I thought I'd finally found a level of pain that I could live with - but tonight the rest of my body revolted. It wasn't pain in my back that kept me awake, it was all the other aches and pains put together. My knee ached, I'd find a position where it was comfortable and my calf cramped. I eased them and my shoulders got shooting pains, resolve that and I literally got a pain in the neck. Then I started all over. Finally, I just gave up. No use laying there - came down to my massage chair in hopes of drifting off with the massager running on high.


National Clock and Watch Museum

Yesterday, Tim and I took a drive up to Columbia, PA where I had arranged to meet my LibraryThing friend Linda and her husband for lunch. We had been corresponding/messaging on LT for over a year commiserating on our similar aches and pains and now that we were both doing better (knock on wood) we decided it was time to meet in real life.

So we had a lovely day to take a drive and visit. After lunch, we went to peruse the National Watch and Clock museum. It was absolutely amazing. Clocks for every shape and size were there to be seen and heard. tic tic tic, bong, bong bong.... There was even a library for horological research, one of the largest for the study of time in the world.

Here's a slide show of the pictures which include the 19th century Engle clock which was touted as the 8th wonder of the world in its day. If you get a chance to see it, it's well worth it.


just an update

Last week, I went golfing with Tim, no I didn't play, I just went along for the ride. Fortunately, the weather got a bit wet so we had to quit and go inside. I was a bit sore the next day and worried that I had screwed up my back again with all the bumps, but after a few days of rest, I'm still able to walk and stand pretty much pain free. I thought I was going to have to go back to the doctor but (crossed fingers) so far so good.

Yesterday I started a new set of water aerobics classes. The water was a bit chilly so you really wanted to keep moving and the instructor definitely put us through our paces. When I got home, I was pooped. I'm grateful that I don't have anything on the agenda today other than getting my nails done. I think my heating pad, recliner and I are all going to get reacquainted today.


Couldn't resist!