Big Project coming to an end

Well, I've been working on a big project for the last few months. The Ladies Golf group for which I am the secretary is holding an Invitational Golf tournament tomorrow and I was selected the Chairperson. So I have been very busy with invitations and menus and decorations and phone calls, and now it is all coming to an end. Tomorrow is the big day and our little Summer Fair (that's our theme) is ready to open. Yesterday a large group of us got together and made little gift bags for our visitors and stuff popcorn bags and finished up the decorations. Tomorrow morning we are due at the golf Course at 7AM (UGH!) to set everything up so that the visiting ladies will be greeted at 8AM with breakfast and a FAIR TO REMEMBER (sorry I couldn't resist!).

I'm taking my camera so hopefully I get some good shots of the fun we're expecting. I'm just praying for no rain!