Cheli's escort service to Maine

This morning together with my great-niece Kyla I left home and set out to visit my sister Tina in Maine. I had been enlisted to escort little Miss Kyla to her grandmother's so that she could spend some time in greater New England. We got to the airport early which was a good thing. Kyla dropped her boarding pass after we passed through security, so we had to hunt it down. Then we were ready to go, but the airline wasn't. The plane was late arriving to the airport so we were about 1 hour late leaving. I phoned Tina who had already left and warned her about the delay. By the time were landed and got our luggage, it was 2:30 and we were starving. We stopped at Friendlys and had "lunch" and FRIENDZs were absolutely wicked but left us with no appetite for dinner. Poor Bob, he had to eat alone.



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