Nothing special

Well, I'm settling back into the normal existence with the regular chores of laundry and grocery shopping and other errands. I won't say that I have housework to do because those of you that know me, know that I don't do housework. Well, I never used to do housework. Nowadays since we are on the austerity program due to the economy and I do not have a cleaning lady anymore, I do have to vacuum and dust on occasion. I don't do bathrooms or scrub floors since I am allergic to the cleaners and Tim and I still have the kitchen in the "I cook you clean" breakdown mode.

But today Tim was holding his annual Bowling league meeting, so I had to get everything ready for it. First, had to go to the store to get all the sodas and dessert. I came back and rather than let the sodas sit in the hot car all day, I dragged them out and put them in the refrigerator to chill. Then I needed to get the chairs setup and bag ice and order the pizza, so that everything would be ready when the people started to come.

So now I can sit back and relax and read while the meeting goes on downstairs.


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