Busy, busy, busy

I apologize to all who follow because I have been so busy with family visits and reading and year end work for Tim that I haven't even wished you a happy new year.

So many things have been keeping me busy that I didn't tell you all about my holidays.

Christmas was quiet, Tim and I stayed home for the day and just tried to relax. We went to Richmond for New Years where we spent time with Tim's brother John, his wife Ellen, and Christopher, Melanie, and Little Jackson.

Since we returned home, I have been slaving away creating year end reports for Tim's office (I needed the money.) and trying to keep up with my reading. I have also been working on a blog/website for the Ladies Golf group that I belong to (since I'm the secretary I wanted to move us inito the 21st century.)

That's about it, more work to be done but I do wish you all Happy New Year


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