Nonna again!

The past few days I have spent with my niece Molly and her husband Bryan and his parents. They came up from South Carolina to do some sightseeing and family visiting since Molly is pregnant and due in October and probably won't be traveling for a while after that. We had a great time visiting and looking at pictures of the Little Miss in ultrasound. She's just to cute!
And the great news is that I get to play Nonna again! Judy (Bryan's mother) said that she was more than happy to share the new arrival and then she and I proceeded to have a great time at the baby store plotting and planning how we were going to spoil this precious little one.

We have determined that Little Miss enjoyed Nonna's cooking because I made this Butterscotch caramel Pound Cake that even my husband Tim said was really good. And it was so easy. We finished off that cake in two nights!

We're going to go down to SC for a baby shower on Labor Day so I'll have to get to work on my shopping - such a hardship!~


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