Where did a month go?

I thought that once I finished up my big project at the golf course in mid-July, I would have plenty of time to get things in order and be able to spend some time with my Mom and read some books and do some needlework and finish the plans for this years village, but no such luck!

I can't begin to figure out where 4 entire weeks went. We had big storms and power outages (thankfully ours was of short duration) visitors because of their lack of power while we were still chilling out, doctors, dentist visits and crab feasts.

Then this week I lost my appointment calendar! How in the word am I suppose to function without knowing where I'm supposed to be at what time!?!?! I think that I have tentatively reconstructed my appointments, but if I missed anything, I sure hope it's not that important and can be rescheduled.

This weekend starts a bounty of special events in the next few weeks.
  1. The annual Maryland Terrapin fan tailgaters crab feast on Saturday the 21st
  2. Our friend Marshall's wedding on Sunday the 22nd (it was also my Dad's birthday)
  3. I see the Spine specialist on Tuesday the 24th
  4. Dentist to replace an old filling on the 26th
  5. Bingo on Friday the 27th

That's just the first week. Then we hit the road to go to South Carolina for the Baby shower for Molly and her first little one due at Halloween, return so that Tim can go to the Maryland v. Navy football game on Labor Day, Bowling season starts on the 8th, and then a surprise birthday party for Tim's Aunt Phyllis in West Virginia (she'll be 95!) interspersed with 2 sessions of bridge (29th and 1st) and MahJongg whenever we can get 4 players in town and free on the same night. And somehow we need to fit Bunko in the schedule too!



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