Vacation and Nonnahood

Tim and I arrived in Myrtle Beach yesterday evening and found, much to my dismay, that we were assigned to the 15th floor with an Ocean view. The view is spectacular but the height scares the crap out of me. Of course, Tim thinks it's hilarious.

Tim and Mary-ellen headed out to the golf course this morning (meeting brother John there) and I sat down to finish the review of one book and the last 4 chapters and review of another. I also worked on Baby Molly's birth announcement. When what happens???!?!?!? I get a text message that Little Miss Molly is at the hospital. My baby pool pick last week was:

Monday October 25th 8:36PM 7 lbs. 7 ozs. We'll see how close I get.

When Tim got back and had lunch, we donned our swimsuits and headed to the pool so I could do my water aerobics. 15 minutes later we are ordered out because of an approaching thunderstorm. We got back just before the deluge started. It was so bad we couldn't even see the horizon. Now we can just sit and wait for news.


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