Easter weekend - WOW

My weekend was a bit hectic and didn't go as planned.  Friday night I went to a Seder dinner given by a Jewish friend - since we were sharing our religious traditions - I took her a chocolate Bunny LOL!  Saturday night, another friend was celebrating her 50th birthday  and her Boss (the owner of the Washington National Baseball team)  picked up the bill for a party that she and her boyfriend were throwing.  all I can say is WOW!  DJ, photographers, food you wouldn't believe.  Then Sunday I was supposed to drive up to Baltimore - visit with Mom for a little while and then have dinner at my sister's.  Nope, that didn't go as planned.  My sister-in-law had been stung by a bee in her backyard Saturday afternoon and woke up with one eye swollen shut and swollen all over.  So Tim and I spent the day in the ER with her.  She had been planning to spend the day with some friends a couple of hours  away since we were doing my family.  SIL and Tim are the only family still in the area (she lives about 10 minutes away while the other 4 siblings live in VA, SC, and FL) so we tend to watch out for each other.  They finally let her go home yesterday afternoon.  She got her car from our house about 3:30pm (we're 5 minutes from the hospital)  and then about 1½ hours later a huge gust of wind tore up a tree in the front yard and it land right where her car was sitting.  Guess her timing was right!!


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