Mom turns 85!

Well, today was my mother's 85th birthday.

I stopped by to see her last night since I knew that I wouldn't make it on the actually day. I did send her 85 yellow roses because they are her favorites and I know that my Dad have wanted her to have them. She's a feisty lady and still going strong (though she would probably debate that fact).

I was reminded this week how fortunate I am that my Mom is still with us in both mind and body. We all, as we grow older, don't realize that, until we see a difference that others have to endure with either serious illness, incapacity - mentally or physically - or the loss of that love one. So, if you are fortunate, as I am, give that parent of yours a hug and kiss and tell them that you love them. Lord knows we don't know how long they will be with us.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday to your mom! 85 and looking wonderful :)

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