A Week of R & R

Tim and I hit the road this morning heading south to Myrtle Beach for a week of rest and relaxation with family. We started today in Columbia SC where Tim went to the University of South Carolina Homecoming game vs. Vanderbilt with his sister Kathy, her fiancé, and his son. Leslie, our nephew Bradley's wife, also came to go to the game. I stayed at the condo which was so close that they all walked to the game and I heard all the cheering while I watched on TV.
How much fun is it to know a great play is coming by the cheers you hear (TV was on a 5 second time delay)? And South Carolina won the game - they won't hold anything against us. We should get invited back sometime.

Tomorrow we head to Myrtle Beach where we will meet up with Mary-ellen (Tim's sister) and get in some golf.

Stay tuned!


Leslie said...

So good to see you and Uncle Tim this weekend! Love you :)

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