What do you mean, you're done?

What a great day! Okay, so it's raining again and we are still under a flash flood warning, but today is the day that I started those pain injections.

I worried that Tim wouldn't be home in time (my appointment was for 2:45PM) and I told him the actual time - usually I fudge ½ hour so that when he's late we can still be on time. But he came through for me and we headed off to the Pain Management office. WRONG! The Germantown office where I had originally seen the doctor sent me to the Olney office for the "procedure" so when we arrived (right on time at 2:45pm) we were told we needed to be at the hospital down the street and that the front desk would tell us where to go. So we hop in the car and drive over, Tim drops me at the door and I go up to the desk, and they have no idea where I'm supposed to me.

Luckily, a very pleasant young lady came by from registration (just as Tim came from the parking lot) and got us to the right people so that I could be taken care of. They took me off to "pre-op" where I was asked a bunch of health questions (I guess the 21 page questionnaire from last week wasn't detailed enough), they whisked me into OR3, I crawl/dive onto the table, and before I had a chance to close my eyes, the doctor says, "okay, all done, See you in 2 weeks." What!?!? All done? How can that be? I wasn't on the table for more than 2 minutes. The nurse in OR says, just relax, I can't let you go until I finish the paperwork. So I laid on the table for about 10 more minutes, was wheeled out, got dressed and was home by 3:45PM.

Sure hope the shots work as fast as that doctor!


Tina said...

Sure hope it works for you...keep us posted.

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