Pain progress/ home front news

I thought it was time for an update on the home front.

It's been nearly two weeks since the rhizotomy and I do see improvement. My pain levels are greatly reduced (2-4 rather than 7-9) and I am able to work in the kitchen longer, fold laundry, and even take the steps easier than before the procedure. Now I just need to work on my stamina because my back still gets tired and achy but not painful.

As for home, the window replacement men were here yesterday and replaced 11 windows in less than 8 hours without messing with the trim work. I was amazed at how they did this. The new windows are so pretty and clear - now I can set to work on some other decorating revisions in the near future.

We're headed off the OC for a few days next week, so everybody stay cool!


Mary-Ruth said...

happy to know you are feeling better,praying it continues.

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