New Pain procedure

Well, the steroid shots that I had back in March have worn off and so I back on the pain treadmill again. Off I went back to the doctor and so this morning, we met at the hospital to have more steroid shots and Rhizotomy on six nerve sites. I'm very sore and the doctor says it will be up to two weeks before I know whether they worked on not. I really hope so after what I went through. First the technician and anesthesiologist both had trouble starting an IV, so my BP went up and they had to keep asking me how I felt while the doctor was driving in the 18 needles. If they had just left me alone, I wouldn't have been concentrating on what was happening and made it through a bit easier.
I also had to worry about the time. Tim was scheduled to play golf at 2:30PM at Avenel and the procedure (20 minutes max) was scheduled for 11:45AM. The doctor was late and then the IV issues, we just managed to get out in time for Tim to make to the golf course. Whew, I never would have heard the end of it if he had missed his golf game! Just kidding.

Now just time to rest and read.


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