Sandy's coming

Weather forecasters say that we are in the strike zone for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy.  So all that has been on the news is telling people to get prepared for possible power outages.

Well, Tim and I hit the grocery store on Monday and really stocked up since we figured we’d be too busy with other things before Thanksgiving, so the freezers full, including a few extra baggies of ice, the Fridge is stocked, we have two cases of water, two cases of soda, two huge packages of TT, bread, PB, Tuna, as well as a full tank of gas for the grill, and batteries and candles coming out our whazoo. And of course, there’s always the bar and wine cellar if we need something to drink.   I’ve charged both Nooks, my MP3,cellphone, and my laptop. I’ve even located the portable TV that I gave Tim for Tailgates. Flashlights check, blankets check.
We had already stored outdoor furniture and the trees were trimmed a few months ago.  (our power lines are underground so we rarely lose power (knock on wood)) but we do have several friends and family who lose power at the whiff of a storm (including Tim’s sister, Mary-ellen) so reservations have been coming in for those who most likely will lose their power.  If they do the Fridge and freezer will get more items and luckily, gas cook top will still work or we can use the tailgate grill.

So I think we’ll be fine, if anyone needs a port in storm, rooms are filling up fast, but we have plenty of sofas, recliners, and floor space.  All are welcome.

Stay safe all and just enjoy the thrill of life!


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