Fall/injury update

I went to see my regular doctor today on the instructions from the ER. He was very emphatic about how lucky I was with the few injuries that I came away with and that they were more serious.  (I am now sporting a black eye.) Evidently my Mom was right all these years, I do have a hard head.  But Doc said that I could have easily fractured my skull, shoulder, hip or leg as well as an arm, wrist or hand trying to break my fall. He also  said that the muscle pull could take months to heal - GREAT! - but at least my back didn't get any worse, no better either, however the bush did a number on my back with scrapes and lacerations.

All in all I thank the good Lord for a very talented Guardian angel.  She/he do a great job keeping me safe.  Now if they could just make all the aches and pains go away, I'd give them an A+!


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