Height challenge at bedtime

Before I left for SC I went to the orthopedic Dr. because my left knee has been killing me and he inform me that I might have a small tear in my meniscus(sp?) and that if it was still bothering me when I got home, we could try a cortisone shot.  Well, it still hurts like h.... on and off (more on than off) which causes me to adjust how I'm sitting/standing/walking which then affects my back.  Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

The timeshare where we are staying  at Hilton Head is lovely, however, it has one shortfall - no footrest so I've been trying to find the right number of pillows to prop up my legs to support the knee.  If that's not enough, this place has those overstuffed mattresses and the bed is so high that I need a footstool to get into bed.  The first night we had no footstool, and Tim just laid there laughing while I tried to dive into the bed, missing about 4 times, sliding off to the floor.  We finally devised a stool of sofa cushions so that I could get into bed, by which time I was completely exhausted just getting there.  Tim thought it was hilarious, I, however, did not.

Why do places like this never think about short people?  If my Mom had been able to come, there's no way she could have gotten into the beds here without a stool. Granted the mattresses are very comfortable once you get on them, but getting on them is a bit tricky for a height-challenged person. Needless to say when they called checking on how everything was, I informed them that they needed to think about things like this.


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