PC woes

On February 1st I started having problems with my laptop which I use everyday to communicate with the outside world and for some of my hobbies.  I thought the problem was from sitting out in the car  with the cold weather, but apparently not.

I took it to the PC doctor on Sunday the 3rd and on the 4th he called with the bad news.  He can't get the data from my hard drive (150+ audiobooks and all my photos) without sending it off to a specialist. 
They told me at the store it could take up to 3 weeks before my baby is well and can come home to me. It could also cost up to $1,500 to recover the data. 

In the meantime, I've been trying  to recreate my working file for my reading reviews and book selection. My old PC that I am using now, is much slower, smaller screen, and on an old Operating System. I feel like I'm back in the dark ages already. :-(

For all my friends out there, learn my lesson - BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP!

TODAY, Well, the verdict is in on my PC and the news is not good.

The hard drive failed and to recover my pictures and data files it will be $1,300 and 4-8 weeks.  That's just the data files. However, if they can't recover what I want/need,  I can refuse the files and it will only cost me $250.

The pictures are what I  really want so I told them to go ahead with the recovery but now I have to get a new PC because this one won't be back and functioning anytime soon (no software programs until I can find the keys from 3½ years - do you think that's going to happen? That's the kind of info I stored on my PC.), my backup is lacking some of the programs that I need for the projects that I use for my other activities and I'm not sure I want to trust the sick one again when it eventually returns.  I think I need to sell some of my stock to pay for this expenditure unless I can find a good deal out there.


I guess it could be worse, I could be without a PC completely, right?
Well, I think I'll go try to lose myself in a book.  Maybe I'll feel better then.


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