Weekly Rewind

weekly rewind235 

A blog I follow , Escape wth Dollycas into a Good Book, recaps her week including outside activities, so I thought I might give it a try so that you all would know what was going on besides reading.
MONDAY - Was  a book oriented day.  First I caught up on my reviews, I had 3 that I needed to write and get posted from last week.  Then I finished HEAT RISES the third book in the Nikki Heat/Richard Castle series.   I also did a few loads of laundry and talked to my Mom a few times.  I'm still trying to figure out he issues with my Outlook email. I can receive the messages fine, but none of my replies or new messages go any where - they just sit in my outbox.  Boo hiss.
TUESDAY - This seemed to be my day for games!  I had Mah Jongg scheduled at the Country Club and managed to win $6.55 - I think that's my best ever session, but then I went to my friend's house that night and played again and won another $2.65.  Nice....

WEDNESDAY -  Grocery shopping started the day and then reading.  I managed to catch a short nap, and then headed off to the Country Club where I was teaching a beginning class in Mah Jongg.  I met 1 lovely lady who I hope will continue to join the MCC Lilies in their other events.

THURSDAY - A quiet day, I spent fixing my e-mail (YEAH), and listening to Game of Thrones. BUNCO scheduled for this evening was rescheduled for next week.

FRIDAY -  Start of a weekend trip - I went off to get my hair done then, when I got home Tim packed up the car, picked up Mary-ellen, John, and Ellen (2 SIL and BIL - Tim's siblings) and we hit the road for Pittsburgh. We reached Tim's cousin's house with a cooler filled with 4 dozen steamed blue crabs.   They were gone before we left to settle in at the hotel.

SATURDAY - Morning was the reason for the trip - a memorial service for Tim's cousin Joe who had passed away  during the winter.  Tim's aunt was in Florida so they postponed the funeral until she came north.  At the luncheon afterward, we sat with cousin Tammy's son Alex who was a very charming young man.  The people who had come to the service were a few more than expected, so we volunteered to sit at the "kids" table -off in a different spot than the rest.  Much more quiet and it gave us a chance to talk and tell stories.  Then later in the evening dinner at cousin Greg's where there was an old-fashioned Irish Wake.

SUNDAY - We headed home arriving about 4PM to unpack and rest.


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