Tim and I headed home from Richmond this morning- our 35th wedding anniversary. I was surprised with an anniversary card and note that touched my heart and made me cry. Tim can be a bit of a romantic if he tries. (Let's see if he remembers my birthday.)

We had spent the weekend at John & Ellen's visiting with family and meeting my grandson Jackson who is just the best little guy, so well-behaved and so cute! Ellen & I did the GRANDMA thing by shopping at Target and getting a kiddie pool and pool toys, but the weather didn't cooperate so we'll have to wait til next time for the pool adventure.

Why is it that babies smell so good when they poop and pee and spit up? I don't understand but I still just want to cuddle him tight.


tutu said...

Trust me, the sweet poop aura wears off real quick when you're the parent, and it's coming out both ends faster than you can clean it up at 3:00 AM....glad you had a good visit.

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