He blames me!

Those of you that know Tim and I, know that whenever something goes wrong, we manage to blame the other person. Usually, I am blaming Tim for something and good-naturedly he just grins and bears it. Well, now it's my turn. Monday morning we head out to work and it is raining as it has been lately. I usually walk around the back of the van after the garage door is up and shimmy up the side to avoid every tool imaginable hanging along the wall of the garage. So since I don't want to get wet and I can't make it down the side to get in the car, I wait patiently for him to move the car a bit so I can get pass the weed-wacker. Without thinking, Tim pushes the button for the garage door to go up, puts the car in reverse and proceeds to smack the back of the van on the rising garage door. Before I could say a word, the entire rear window SHATTERED into a zillion tiny pieces of glass. He was so mad at himself I couldn't make him feel worse so I simply told him, "It's just a car. It can be fixed." I seem to recall saying those same words to Mary-ellen at one time. As long as no one is injured, don't sweat the small stuff. Needless to say, I'm to blame because I didn't want to get wet and I was rushing him. I guess it evens out in the end.


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