Appliance problems

Well, it appears that October was not a good month for the Derry Home appliances.
Tim and I returned from our week in Myrtle Beach (we had a great time) and thought we would slowly settle into our normal existence - WRONG!

As some of you know the dryer died and the washer was following it shortly, so Tim and I broke down and purchased a new washer and dryer. Because we got it stacked, the laundry room seems much more spacious and now all I have to do is a few decorative items and it will seem like new.
I thought that would be it, but when we came home from our week in Myrtle Beach on Saturday night, we found that the refrigerator was not doing its job and everything was spoiled. We had to throw everything out and clean it thoroughly. Luckily, we have another in the garage, so we figured we muddle through until we could get the repairman this week. Since I am getting older, I forgot that it wasn't working a few hours later and opened the door to get a drink and found that it was cold again. (Okay, I thought, what's going on here?) So we turned on the ice maker to see if it would stay cold, and at dinner we were rewarded with the sound of falling ice. So far, it's still cold. Tim seems to think that something was blocking the thermostat and that it should be fine. Bless the Lord!


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