Countdown for the holidays has started!

I was just visiting my sister's blog (Tutu's Two Cents) and she confirmed that Beth, over at Beth Fish Reads has given us permission to take a break from our computers for the holidays. YES, the holidays... So blame it on Tutu, she got me starting thinking about the holidays and everything that had to be done. They are coming and with them, many mysteries to be solved with moments of wondering ....
  • who do I invite?
  • what will I wear to that party? Should I take something?
  • when will I fit that into my schedule? Can I get it done in time?
  • where can I get that gift? What color, what size?
  • how will I get it all done?
  • why can't I think of something for her/him?

There are so many decisions to be made each year and sometimes they become overwhelming.

  • The tree - should we get a real one and should it be small or large or huge?
  • Christmas Goodies - Should we cheat on our diets - dah, of course, but when can we start? What should we make and how much of each?
  • What do we get everyone or are we giving gifts at all?
  • Are we sending cards? Should we include a Christmas Letter?
  • Decorations - Same old, same old, or something new and different?
  • When will I see everyone? Do I travel to their house or invite them to mine?
    And what about all my book challenges? Will I manage to squeeze in all the final books I need to finish?

The answers, for me, are pretty simple...

  • Trees - 1 Small, 1 medium, 1 large all fake
  • baking - list decided- all I have to do is schedule what when
  • presents - gift certificates for the out of town kids (I know that's cheating but they love to go after Christmas for all the sales and get exactly what they want) the siblings have ceased to exchange except for nominal items, so that leaves one for Mom and 1 for hubbie
  • Cards are scheduled for the 2nd week in December
  • Parties are all scheduled, invitations have been sent and RSVPs done,
  • and decorations are in progress! (should be finished this weekend)
It's all in the organization and having a calendar that can handle everything - yeah Outlook!

So my advice, take an hour or two and plan it all out, print out your calendar and enjoy this special season...It won't be back again for another 365 days!


Thena said...

I love your villages. I've always wanted them on the hearth of my fireplace but have never splurged for them. Now I have a granddaughter that's nine months old, so I'm sure that would be fun. lol Come by and check out my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways beginning next Tuesday, maybe you will win something that is on your list.

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