Myrtle Beach Vacation

Let's forget about the troubles in the real world and think about a week of R&R in Myrtle Beach. Tim and I first met up with his sister Kathy and her fiancé, David, for the South Carolina game on Saturday the 24th. Tim went to the game and I sat home (what else is new?). Then Sunday morning we headed to the coast and met up with his sister Mary-ellen and his brother John and wife Ellen.

We had a pleasant time throughout the week. Monday Tim golfed with Mary-ellen and John until the rain came and they quit. Tuesday Tim, Mary-ellen and I golfed and later, after the pool, went to mixology class where we created two mixed drinks - yummy, yummy. Wednesday Tim and Mary-ellen played golf and the afternoon was spent at the pool and wine tasting. Thursday John and Ellen returned from their jobs and the five of us went to the golf course. Ellen is just beginning but she's already better than I am. Afterward we all went to a Martini tasting and scaped(?) a visit via the Internet with Jackson, Christopher and Melanie.

Friday no golf! Since they couldn't get a Tee time early Mary-ellen, Tim and I went shopping, and returned for pool time just before Kathy and David arrived for Ribs on the BBQ.

There were only 4 of the six Derry children together at anyone time, we ate , we drank, we laughed, we cried, but all in all, I still think we managed to have a family gathering of which Bill and Pat would have been proud.


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