Ahhh...cool again!

Tim and I have been surviving the last few days with two fans...one upstairs, one down.

Wednesday afternoon I mentioned to Tim that it didn't seem to be cool in the house and he checked and determined that the coolants in the AC had frozen up so he turned it off. We headed to bed - our room normally a cool 68˚ but this night a warmer 75˚. With a floor fan we suffered through and he headed off to work instructing me to turn it back on when I came back from my errands Thursday morning.

So when I got back, and it wasn't too bad temperature-wise, I decided to leave off a little while longer. When he came home from work, on it went a few hours later, he came downstairs and asked me what the strange smell was. I thought my PC was overheating (I smelled something burning) but he decided it was the AC and turned it off again. Last night our room was a warmer 79˚ and we both got little sleep.

This afternoon when the repairman came and examined the equipment, he said that if we had left it on for a few more hours, we would have burned the house down. Guess the good Lord was watching over us.

Now we have a brand new AC unit and the house is cooling down again. Can't wait for 68˚ tonight!


Tina said...

So glad you're OK!!!!

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