Not so fast...

Today has been a major disappointment. First I was supposed to start my water aerobics class but when I checked before leaving, I found it had been rescheduled and doesn't start now until September 12th. Major bummer. I was really ready to cool off in the pool but it's closed for maintenance.

Next, I don't understand...if we have an entirely new AC unit installed why is it freezing up like the old one? Why is it making a strange vibration noise? And why, oh why does it have to do these things when I want to sleep in cool temperatures? I have been waiting to sleep in my nice cool 68˚ and have yet to have that pleasure. I don't sleep well in warmer climes so I haven't had a good night sleep in nearly a week. Last night, maybe 2 hrs. which only made me so tired I slept most of the day away.

Is there a patron saint of weather or AC?


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