Too bad, so sad

Well, one of the main reasons why I went to all the trouble to get those shots in my back, was so that I could feel better and would be able to participate in some activities with others.
I had been looking forward to a golf tournament with my golf group with guests (my SIL and Niece) . I was so excited that they were both taking off work and we were going to hit the course together. Unfortunately, last week the shots started to wear off, and today when the event was played, again I was sitting on the sidelines literally. The weather which had been my biggest worry - would it be too hot? - turned out to be perfect and my foursome (without me) did manage to grab first place (YEAH!) but I just wish I could have joined in other than just riding around in the cart and keeping score.

I have my appointment to go back to pain management but dang...why couldn't it have held out a little longer?


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