36 years of Wedded Bliss

Our anniversary is almost over and looking back at the entire day, it wasn't exactly what I would have wanted but at least we were together, and that's what's important.

I started the day out visiting the Orthopedic doctor because both of my knees have been a major PAIN! since I started PT for my back. So when the Physical Therapist kicked me out because I couldn't do some of the work because of my knees, I headed back to the Ortho. So at 9:30AM this morning I was having pictures taken, not for my anniversary, but of my knees - XRAYS - which showed thankfully, no issues. So as a gift - what did I get? - a cortisone shot! OUCH!!
Heading home, I remembered getting Cortisone in my shoulder and how I was miserable for two days afterward and hoped that it wasn't going to be the same for my knee. (I only had one knee done to see if it would work.)

I picked up Tim and we headed to the Country Club. Tim had been scheduled to play in a Senior Men's tournament last Tuesday but it was rained out and rescheduled today. So I got to be the official Scorekeeper for Tim and his teammate. We finished around 4:30PM and since my knee was killing me, we headed home. Rather than going out to dinner like we had planned, Tim got takeout (Popeye's) and I sat with my leg up, ice bag on and watched Dancing with the Stars while Tim napped.

Not the most memorable anniversary, but like I said, at least we're together.


Leslie said...

Happy anniversary!

Chèli said...

Tim says that he found out they won 1st Net so I must have brought him some luck!

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