Cassette Player held out!

I realize that the continued progression of the technology in our day and age is a good thing, but sometimes it's a terrible pain in the butt. I like to borrow audio books from the library. When I started this practice I had a cassette player at home and one in my car. So no major problem I could listen either place. Then along came CDs. I had a CD player in my car before I ever owned a CD or borrow a CD. So I purchased a boom box with a CD player and cassette player and then what happens - the cassette player stops working. Okay, I can live with that - I'll just borrow CDs - no more cassettes because I don't have a cassette player at home and when I got my new car, I couldn't get a cassette player in it. (Can you believe that?) So now, I find a book that I want to read and the only available copy is in cassette form. I check it out and head home and scrounge around and find my old walkman (remember those?) and pray that it will manage to operate while I listen to this book. I had a hard time - halfway through cassette 5, it just stopped and I panicked. I changed the batteries - wasn't the batteries. I whimpered - the mystery was just starting toward its climax and I was going to have to find some other way to finish this book. Luckily for me, Tim managed to get it back into working order and I finished it today. Yes, progress is good but it sure can be a pain in the butt.
My review of the book follows in the next post.


tutu said...

Ah yes, the disappearing cassette decks...I think the next time somebody has cheapos on sale, I'm going to be 2 or 3. Like you, I always manage to find a book I've had diffuculty tracking down in audio format, only to find that it is only available in cassettes. Maybe we should just stop the pressess and go listen to everything on cassette now before they do a Get Smart disappearing act and self-destruct.

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