Husband's idea, Wife's work

I would like to know why it is that whenever a husband (mine in particular) comes up with a "great" idea, the wife is the one that ends up doing all the work to make it come to fruition?

About a year ago, Tim said that he wanted to start a bridge group at the Country Club, so he put out the word and mentioned it to a few people and so it was born. Then he comes home and tells me about it. He has given my name and e-mail address as the contact information thus making me the one who has to e-mail and call all the people, set the schedule, work up teaching plans, etc.

So, for the past year I have been doing my best to get our little group to grow into a decent size bridge group and finally, I think that it is coming to pass. In 2008, we averaged about 4 couples for bridge once a month. In March we had 8 couples, and today we are looking at 10-11 couples and we are expanding to twice a month. Finally, all my hard work is paying off, I just wonder who will get the credit?


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