A day of weird events

Today must be one of those days where weird things are just going to happen. What I mean is that things that normally happen one way, happen another.

This morning I woke up before Tim... that never happens.
This morning I didn't have to wait at Physical Therapy... I was in and out in 25 minutes.
This morning Tim packed me a lunch without my asking him to.
Today, Tina found a review that I posted on LT dated 12/31/1969. The book hadn't even been written in 1969 and LT didn't exist in 1969.

When I got to the office I didn't have anything to do except for the special project that I just happened to have brought with me from home.

I'm just hoping that these strange events remain on the good side and that nothing bad happens the rest of the day. KNOCK ON WOOD!


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