Genetic Disorder discovered

I have discovered that I have a genetic disorder - the symptoms are that my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to reading and books. My sister Tina confirms that she has the disease and I think that my sister Maureen is also afflicted. (I'm also not sure that it can't be spread by contact.)

I swear to myself everytime I go to the library I'm just picking up the books I have on order - 1 or 2 (I even whisper to myself as I walk in - "I'm only picking up books on hold, I'm only picking up books on hold..." like a mantra that will guard me from those books that reach out and grab at me) but the books on hold are in the back and I have to walk through the gauntlet of shelves lined with books reaching out to me, screaming "take me home, take me home!" and end up with 5 or six! My current reading schedule for 2009 has me reading 129 books provided I don't get anymore from the library that aren't on my list already.

One of the main reasons that I love the website Librarything.com is that there is so many wonderful discussions about books that I never would have read but that others have convinced me I should read. That's where the disease EBTS bites me, I can't wait until I can get the book that someone was discussing and read it and then I have to figure out how to read 15 books at once!

Does anyone know a medication that could reduce some of the symptoms?


Linda Panszczyk said...

Hi: I don't suffer from EBTS. What I have is REB--Reserve Every Book. I rarely wander around and pick up books from the library but I DO reserve every book that sounds halfway interesting.

Better than buying, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. read two books and call me in the morning. LOL

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