Change vs. no change?

I'm the type of person who understands people who like to remain in their own little comfort zone. After all, I am one of them most of the time. But sometimes, change is good. The question is - when should that change be considered and when should change be avoided?

I'm working in my husband Tim's, office filling in for a worker on maternity leave. She will be out until at least the end of June. I have noticed that a form that is used every day is not designed in an efficient manner. The form is used to gather the info for data entry but the fuelds on the form are not in the same order as the data entry screen. So I suggested that the form be redesigned. (One of the reasons Tim wanted me to work there was a fresh pair of eyes to possibly identify things that could work better.) However, when I presented my suggestion, Tim said it wasn't necessary that the form worked fine. I explained that while keying from this form, gong from the middle to the top then to the bottom - did not make the data entry flow as speedily as it could if the fields were in the same area and order as the screen.

Should I have pushed a little harder in trying to get this change made or learn to live it for the time that I will be there? Apparently, comfort zones win out.


tutu said...

In this case, since it's not your form, and you will not be the ultimate long-term user, I'd leave it alone. You've pointed it out to the boss person (who also happens to be a spouse--always a NOT GOOD situation)and, if the person who returns in June or July mentions how hard it is, then he can go with it. You could perhaps, design a newer form, and leave a copy as a suggestion, offering to help if needed when she returns. But I'd leave it alone. It's only broke for you and at 3 days a week for about 12 weeks, that's only 36 times you have to deal with it.

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